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The Most Important Detail in Marketing Your Early Stage Company

Who Else Should We Target

So you’ve built an awesome product/company/service and you’ve clearly defined your value offering – now what?

Start telling people about it! Someone isn’t likely to buy your product if they’ve never heard of it before. But what methods do you use to tout your awesomeness?

Most companies go straight to social media when trying to promote their business. However, while social media is a great and powerful tool to get your brand message out there, if you don’t know who your . customers are or what problems they need solved, you might as well be talking to a wall. (your own lonely Facebook wall…)

So first things first – DEFINE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE

And when I say define, I mean really DEFINE it. Unless you have funding along the lines of McDonald’s or Coca Cola, you can’t target the world. So narrow it down. Ask yourself or your colleagues what problem does your product/company solve and who is most likely to need the solution you offer?

Things to consider when defining your target audience:

For B2C brands – gender, age, location, income level, lifestyles, interests, etc

For B2B brands – title, job function, industry/vertical, employee size, company revenue, team structure, key decision makers, etc.

The most important element in marketing a startup is to KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER.

Keep Calm and Know Your Customer

Know who they are, what they like, what they consume, what their emotions are, and what motivates them. This will help inform what marketing tactics you should leverage to reach them and what your messaging should be in order to truly connect.

If you haven’t asked these questions, or if you don’t know the answers, you’re wasting your time and money in marketing.

For help defining and reaching your best potential target audience, contact me at lauren@therevenuegroup.net.

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