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Looking for VC Funding?


We have some exciting news for you!

Over the past six months we have been collecting feedback from startup entrepreneurs looking to garner VC funding and have noticed one major pain point that each of you experience.

You each ask yourself: “How do I know what VC Firm is right for my company?”

While you might be thinking, “ANY VC firm willing to give me money is right for my company” - there is a more strategic method you should be using to research and choose your investors.

Investors become a part of your company. Once you accept capital from them, they’re on board for the journey too. And they’ll likely be there for the duration of your company’s lifespan.

So it is essential that you pick your investors wisely. And yes, I mean you pick them.

Before accepting capital, and even before reaching out to them, you need to do some research on the VC Firm and find out:

1. What sectors, or industries, does the VC Firm invest in?

2. What companies have they invested in previously?

3. How do they interact with their portfolio companies?

Over the course of the next two weeks we will be releasing daily VC Firm synopses to assist you in this research. These synopses will provide you with an overview of several VC firms, the sectors they invest in, and examples of previous investments they’ve made - so that you can make an educated decision on whether or not you should include them in your list of potential investors.

We will be releasing these daily synopses in anticipation of the launch of our Virtual Accelerator, More Than A Pitch Deck, which will take startup founders step-by-step through our process for building a fundamentally sound company that a VC would want to invest in. So be on the lookout for further details on that program over the next few weeks.

To view our daily synopses visit our GET FUNDED page here: http://bit.ly/trggetfunded

We hope you find this information valuable, and good luck with your future funding!

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