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April 30, 2019

It might seem strange to consider exiting when you're just starting up and preoccupied with assembling a team and getting funded. But thinking through, planning for and working toward an eventual exit is something every entrepreneur needs to do.

Why is having a startup exit plan important?

Your end goal affects everything from how you run your business, to...

November 22, 2013

Why do companies buy other companies?  Is it because they can get a positive IRR (internal rate of return) or ROI (return on investment)?  Do they do deals because the return may be greater than their WACC (weighted average cost of capital)?  No, absolutely not.

Then why are those measurements used to determine if an acquisition was successful? T...

May 9, 2013

You’re looking to grow your business.  You’ve got your sales force and you’re spending money on marketing.  But wouldn’t a strategic partnership help you leverage someone else’s sales team?  How do you do that?  What are the issues to be aware of?

Strategic partnerships take many forms: cross-licensing, OEM, equity and non-equity alliances....

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