The Pitch Deck Outline

What to include, in what order, and why!

Everyone knows you need a pitch deck in order to obtain funding for your startup.  There are a number of templates available online and yet we see so many pitch decks that are really bad.

There are two main factors in putting together a good pitch and creating a document worthy of attention and substantial investment. The first is the design. That is nailing the right number of slides and style. The second and most confusing and important is what to include in your deck.

The goal of a pitch deck is to tell the story of your company in an emotionally compelling manner in as few slides as possible.  You need to tell a story like they do in the movies.

Good movies all have one thing in common.  They introduce the hero, you become interested in that person as they fall in love or win their battles.
And then our hero faces conflict or tension.  Something our hero has to overcome before the resolution and Happily Ever After.  

The same principle applies to the Pitch.

Your maximum amount of effort has to be in the beginning.

How do you do that?

Download the Pitch Deck Outline and find out.

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