Building good companies into GREAT companies

Building and implementing the Valuation Amplification Process is an exciting journey because all your hard work and aspirations are finally channeled into a single focus with a roadmap to the valuation you want.     


  • There are opportunities to increase your company's valuation - hiding right in front of you.  But they're not the ones you've been looking at.   

  • You're going to identify two or three hidden strengths that can be dusted, polished, and turned into glaring Valuation Amplifiers.

  • The Proven 5 Step Process to increasing your valuation.  Each step building upon the other and creating a framework for dealing with unexpected issues keeping you on track to reach your Magic Number.

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You know you need to find a way to increase revenue and profits, and ultimately increase your valuation, with the minimum possible investment with the maximum possible result.  You don’t need someone telling you to hire 10 more sales people and you don’t need to teach old dogs new tricks.

So you know you need to do something else.  You know what’s not enough.  But you’re not clear about what WILL move the needle to really increase your value. 

I’m not going to recommend you do these common things. 

​I recommend you look at your business the way a potential investor will look at your business.  Let's be clear, potential acquirers are really investors. 

There is a way to do more with what you’ve already deployed and realize the benefits in 1 or 2 quarters.

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 A Proven 5 Step Process