What We Believe

We deeply believe that middle market tech companies need to stop limiting their options and opportunities because they’re small or have little cash and that they need to start acting like bigger companies with more tools and resources.

We believe middle market tech companies can dramatically improve their performance and market positioning by looking at their business the way a PE firm would.

We believe mid-market tech companies should create and implement a corp dev plan so they can sell the company for a premium to a strategic buyer.

   Building good companies into GREAT companies

There comes a time when the valuation of your company suddenly matters. A lot.

It might be because you received an offer that was below what you expected or an investment banker gave a valuation estimate that was really low.  Or even your biggest competitor was just acquired.

Whatever the reason, it's a tricky challenge to increase the valuation for any company that doesn't have an obvious and sexy advantage. 


We help companies who have a lower valuation than it would like to increase that valuation so it can sell for more.

We do this by helping companies see the opportunities hiding right in front of them that will increase their valuation.

There is a way to do more with what you’ve already deployed and realize the benefits in 1 or 2 quarters.

Building and implementing the Valuation Amplification Process is an exciting journey because all your hard work and aspirations are finally channeled into a single focus with a roadmap to the valuation you want.